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Amazon Games Is Publishing A New Co-Op, Original IP From Glowmade

Creative, Co-op Online IP

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Amazon Games announced today it's expanding its third-party publishing program, this time working with independent studio Glowmade to publish their upcoming original IP. The studio is home to veteran developers who have worked on many big-name AAA titles across the industry, from Fable, Battlefield and more.

Amazon Games has been in the publishing game since announcing it was working with Smilegate to bring Lost Ark to the West finally. While that endeavor has been delayed, it's not stopped Amazon from seeking out new talent to help bring their vision to gamers everywhere. Enter Glowmade, an independent studio based in Guildford, England, and is home to a team of 25 developers that have worked on myriad titles across the industry.

As far as the game itself that Glowmade is making, details are scant, though the blog post announcing the move by Amazon states that it's an original IP and is set to be a "creative online co-op experience."

"Glowmade was founded in 2015 and is based in Guildford, England. This dedicated team of 25 (and counting) are an experienced group of developers, with credits including FableLittle Big PlanetBattlefield, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Glowmade is currently developing a creative online co-op experience for Amazon Games."

Amazon is gearing up its games division to release their first major game since the canceled Crucible, which released - then unreleased - last year. New World is slated to finally release after multiple delays next week, marking the biggest game the studio has made to date. It's also making moves within its own team, as Amazon Games announced former Ubisoft developer Alexandre Parizeau has been tabbed to head up Amazon's new Montreal game studio. 


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