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Amazon Details Reasoning For Lost Ark's June Delay, Removes Stat-Fueled Cosmetic Microtransactions

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Amazon delayed Lost Ark's June update to the end of the month, stating that it was revisiting the update after concerns over microtransactions that had been planned. The team took to the official site to explain in more detail this week, announcing it's removing its problematic Yoz's Jar cosmetic system.

The post explains that the delay was meant to address concerns from players, but it wasn't the only reason it was delayed. Amazon explains that the team has worked with Smilegate RPG to add what it describes as a "top player request."

"We’re also ecstatic to announce that we’ve worked with Smilegate RPG to include a top player request in the June update— a Stronghold Research available at Item Level 1460 that improves alternate characters’ honing rates on their journey to Item Level 1415. We were too excited to not spoil that one, but you’ll have to wait until June 29 for the full release notes."

The team is also focusing hard on the botting problem plaguing Lost Ark as well as queue times hitting the MMOARPG. But it's the removal of Yoz's Jar that should draw the most attention. 

Yoz's Jar represented an issue with cosmetics that MMO fans have feared (and have seen) for years: including power in purchasable items. The items provided what the team calls a "small" attack power increase, but Amazon admits that every bit of power is crucial for some of Lost Ark's harder encounters.

As such, based on feedback from players who pushed back against these cosmetics, the team has removed them from the upcoming June update.

"We didn’t want players to feel that the skins found in Yoz’s Jar were necessary for gameplay, especially if gated by a significant monetary or in-game currency barrier, which is why we've decided to remove Yoz's Jar and the skins from the Wrath of the Covetous Legion Update. Flexibility and fairness to players have always been driving forces in the partnership between our teams as we work to ensure that players are able to enjoy and play Lost Ark however they see fit."


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