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Amazon Adds Another EU Server To New World To Help Ease Its Increasing Population Size

Brimstone Sands Seems To Be Driving Players Back To Aeternum

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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As the upcoming Brimstone Sands update is set to release next month, players have been jumping back into New World to prep for what is the largest content drop for the new MMO to date. As a result, Amazon has had to increase server population capacity and add more worlds. They've done so again, this time adding a Central European server to the mix.

Brimstone Sands aims to add a new zone, one that is three times larger than any zone in the MMO thus far, as well as new content, an Expedition and a revamped new player experience. As a result, it seems players are flocking back to Amazon's MMO head of the launch to get their characters leveled and geared up before the update hits New World in October.

As a result, though servers have been spun up to help alleviate some of the queue times hitting New World. This additional server, Caer Sidi, brings another world to Central Europe, though it's not the only server spun up this month

The nice thing about these servers, though, is that they are fresh worlds, meaning the exciting land rush and clan wars we saw in the first few weeks of New World's release will play out again here for players who opt to join. Clans who have longed for their own territory can transfer to these new worlds as well, though if you're looking to start anew just know that Amazon isn't increasing its character limit for players in each region. 

You can learn more from the forum post on the New World page.


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