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Alpha Test Announcement Encourages Spam

Michael Bitton Posted:
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IGG's upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Heroes of Bestia, will begin its Alpha Test on October 26th, 2009 at 9PM EDT, but there is a bit more to this seemingly innocuous announcement.

While technically the announcement claims that all are welcome, would be testers are required to participate in a key distribution event in order to gain access. No big deal, key events are pretty common in the MMOG genre. What's the problem then?

In order to receive your key(s) (up to three) you will have to post a thread in another forum that links back to the Heroes of Bestia official forums. They are essentially asking users to spam/advertise their game. IGG does note that the post must not violate the rules of the forum it's been posted on, however.

Oh, and by the way, such a post would violate our forum rules, so don't do it!

The event thread can be viewed here.


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