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Craig McGregor Posted:
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Eyes Out Entertainment is getting ready to commence their alpha-phase testing for Tatsumaki: Land at War.  They will be allowing community members and pre-order customers to enter the alpha test.  The have asked us to share this message from them:

APRIL 27, 2005

Greetings from Eyes Out Entertainment,

A year ago today, we launched our first site with the hopes of introducing a new concept to the world of online multiplayer gaming.

We've learned so much from our fans over this time and hope to continue our success so that we may produce a totally unique experience for all.

In the past year, we have listened to our fans and incorporated their ideas and suggestions into Tatsumaki: Land at War. We've seen and participated in some outstanding debates on our forums about improving realism in the game environment, how our combat system will work, methods of travel, and how death will influence the world, among other discussions. We believe we are one of the first development teams to take ideas directly from our fans and incorporate them into the game. We are proud of this fact, and hope to continue doing so as we enter the next phase of development.

However, before we begin the critical phase of game system programming, we will alpha-test our custom-made engine to ensure that it fits within the specifications of the overall project. Our alpha test will be limited to team members and those few who have supported Tatsumaki: Land at War.

Please be sure to keep yourself informed on the main website, register, read and participate on the forums, Wiki and even check out the occasional posts on the Developer's Journals. The links are included below:

Main website: http://www.tatsumaki-online.com/  
Discussion Forums: http://www.eoeforums.com/
Wiki: http://www.tatsumaki-online.com/wiki/
Developers Journals: http://www.tatsumaki-online.com/journals/

Until next time,

Raj "hashc0de"
Community Manager, Tatsumaki: Land at War Eyes Out Entertainment


Craig McGregor