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Alpha Expanding with New Servers & Invites Coming July 20th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Rend site has been updated with the exciting news that more alpha invites are coming soon along with new servers. The current servers will be wiped right after the next wave of invites is sent on July 20th. This also provides "tabula rasa" for "the many features and game changes that are scheduled for early next week".

Two new alpha features will be brought into the game: New player characters and talent rebalance. In addition, the Yggdrasil biome will be coming along with "sweeping changes to the game's harvesting and crafting logistics and overall game cycle timing".

With next week’s game update, we’re going to make transporting what you harvest in the world feel more meaningful through a combination of adjustments to carrying capacity and raw weight of materials. We’ll also be increasing the efficiency of personal refineries and usefulness of personal bases (for more than just their teleport function) as well as reintroducing resource extractors.

[W]e’re going to make taming high-rating creatures the challenge and accomplishment it is intended to be and increasing early to mid-game competitiveness to reduce the snowball effect of one faction getting ahead. The overall goal is to make a cycle of Rend last longer and play like less of a frantic race to the finish line.

Read the full post on the Rend site.


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