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Alpha Betas Teaser Trailer Released, New Comedy From Rick and Morty Studio

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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We don't normally cover TV news unless it has a gaming focus, and well, this is one that would align on that narrow venn diagram. In a collaboration with some of YouTube's biggest gaming personalities, as well as the studio behind Rick and Morty, Alpha Betas was announced with a teaser trailer, giving a first look at the comedy.

Alpha Betas features the voice talents of four of YouTube's biggest gaming personalities: VanosssGaming, I AM WILDCAT, BasicallyIDoWrk and Terroriser, as well as some of Hollywood's biggest stars, such as Archer and Rick and Morty's Chris Parnell, John DiMaggio from Futurama fame and Stephanie Beatriz, known for her work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Here's the synopsis from the official press release:

In Alpha Betas, video games are powering the world thanks to a massive, top-secret CIA program. In the comedic style of Rick & Morty meets Westworld, the show follows an elite virtual strike force of four top gamers as they drop into the virtual realms of video games to fix potentially world-ending issues. Known as the Alpha Team, these four four willfully reckless and dangerously arrogant guys are the tip of a five-hundred billion dollar US Government spear sent to be heroes in high-octane pixelated worlds.

You can check out the teaser trailer in the embed below. The pilot episode will air on VanossGaming's channel on March 13th.


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