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Alpha 1 Rides Off Into the Sunset, Devs Plan for Alpha 2

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Wild West Online News - The Wild West Online team has posted a brief note of thanks to players who took part in the first weekend event in Alpha 1 over the past few days and assured everyone that firm plans are in place for next weekend's second event. The post acknowledges the "ups and downs" of the experience, but also reminds readers that this is to be expected for an alpha build.

The team has read "over 2000 forum posts, every tweet, every Facebook comment and [has] collected bugs, sugs and other issues". As a result, devs feel they have all the data they need to analyze, prioritize and fix in the coming days. As a result of the fine toothed comb passed over the first weekend's posts on the Alpha 1 forums, the ones with regard to the last several days have been wiped to prepare for next weekend's event.

And we hope to be a bit more on top of things next time, with more detailed instructions at least 24 hours in advance to make sure everyone knows exactly what to expect, and patch lists with each new build.

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