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Alleged Apex Legends Leak Reveals Nine Legends, and Possibly Years of Plans

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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There has been an alleged leak of datamined text and files detailing what may be two years of plans for upcoming content for Apex Legends

The files were shared on Reddit and have since been taken down from the original file sharing site, but reports on the contents continue to spread in the community. There are supposedly detailed descriptions of nine Legends in the planning stages, a new map, new heirlooms, and more planned content in development from a development build.

According to Polygon, the leakers seem to believe the next Legend will be a defense-based character with the name of Newcastle, who can create fortified areas. Most of them are under code names with placeholders, but speculation centers on his name and design being the most complete at this time. The remaining eight covered in the leak also have ability descriptions and attributes. The massive leak also included details on a new map in development under the name “Divided Moon”, along with new arena maps and potential changes for existing maps. New heirlooms for a few Legends are also included in the files, along with character skin plans and more.

Neither Respawn Entertainment or EA have yet addressed the apparent leaks, but this isn’t the first time that Apex Legends has had leaks. While in previous leaks, there were plans for Legends that have never come out (and whose development may have been ended). Back in 2019, there was a leak revealing the portable respawn beacons.

While everything is still entirely speculation at this point, many are calling this perhaps the biggest leak the game has seen. Yet, when it comes to development, the long behind the scenes process often means that much will change over the course of active development. So while, if these new leaks are true, it might show Respawn’s hand a little bit, it’s a good idea to expect the final versions to be different when they’re ready.


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