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All You Ever Wanted to Know about Chua & Granok

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The second in a series of "Loremageddon" articles has cropped up on the WildStar site. This time, the team reveals more about two of WildStar's races: The Chua and the Granok. Fans are presented with special pages for each race that speak more to each races unique qualities.

The Chua are a race of skilled, highly intelligent, competitive, industrious and somewhat chaotic technologists. Gifted with inherent technological skill and insight, the once-primitive Chua experienced the extremely rapid industrial transformation of their civilization, catalyzed by a Mechari cultural intervention. Having since been responsible for the empire's economic strength and the technological prowess of its military, the Chua are now vital to the Dominion's efforts to control the recently discovered Nexus—using their considerable skills and knowledge to exploit the planet's many natural wonders and technological secrets.

Grab the links to each on the WildStar site.


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