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All the Bosses and Details About the Split Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon Coming to World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft is bringing the Dawn of the Infinite Mythic+ mega-dungeon into a new phase with the arrival of the Fury Incarnate update. Blizzard already revealed their plans to turn it into two Heroic-level dungeons, but now we know more details on how it will work.

When the update lands on September 5th, you'll be able to take on the dungeon in either Heroic or Mythic difficulty. Whichever you choose, the level 70 dungeon will be available in two parts: Galakrond’s Fall and Murozond’s Rise. Each of these will have four bosses, and you will need an item level of 372 or more to join the queue. Heroic difficulty will also be accessible via Group Finder.

Both of these new dungeons will be available as Mythic Keystone dungeons when Dragonflight Season 3 arrives later in the year.

The team details each of the boss fights awaiting challengers.

In Galakrond’s Fall, you’ll start with Chronikar, of the infinite dragonflight. She is a commander and a zealot who will give all for her order. Next up, you fight the Manifested Timeways. That's right, it is a manifestation of the sands of time that you will be able to fight. After this, face the Blight of Galakrond. You'll fight three primal dragons that were brought back by some of the necrotic energies that came from Galakrond’s corpse.

Finally, you’ll come to face Iridikron the Stonescaled, the most powerful of the Primal Incarnates. Face him with his elemental earth magic, and prevent him from toppling the Aspects and eliminating the influence of the titans from the world.  

In Murozond ‘s Rise, face Tyr, the Infinite Keeper, who has joined up with the infinite dragonflight. Next, you’ll find Morchie, the alternate form of Chromie, who is from a timeline where Murozond rose. Next is the Time-Lost Battlefield, Which is essentially a manifestation of a long lost battle between the Alliance and Horde, complete with orc Horde chieftain Grommash Hellscream. Finally, you face Chrono-Lord Deios to stop the rise of Murozond from happening. 

Head to World of Warcraft for complete details. 


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