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All New Season 14 Starts in Albion Online, With Lands Awakened Music on Streaming

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Albion Online's Lands Awakened update went live last Wednesday, with the new season 14 beginning over the weekend amidst all of the major changes.

Now, the Lands Awakened soundtrack is available for listening on streaming platforms, including Youtube. There are 17 new tracks for your enjoyment when out of the game as well as in your brand new journey while you play and explore. One of the additions to the world-changing release is the updated and all-new music. The new music is attuned to each of the zones and regions, with special adaptations for mobs and bosses, as well as each town and biome. Hideouts also get their own new music updates, which change with each new development stage. The overhaul accompanied all of the changes meant to make exploration and discovery in the world feel more like a journey and add character along the way.

Also bringing some of the new changes into the world is the beginning of season 14. The rules and structure have changed for the Guild system, with the Conqueror's Challenge replacing the old Guild Season systems. Along with the structure change, the new rewards of Might and Favor, as well as expanded world PvP options like Energy Crystals, Power Cores, Guild Might, and Headquarters Hideouts all affect who will come out on top and expand the range of benefits for those who enter. 

The Conqueror's Challenge is structured in a way that should let those outside of guilds feel competitive enough to get rewarded, but will really benefit guilds with the introduction of Guild Might. Headquarters Hideouts apply as soon as they're earned, so once that's done, you can declare your HQ. Those who qualified in the last season are already eligible now that the new one has begun.

For more on the new season kickoff, head over to Albion Online.


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