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All But the Kitchen Sink - Massive Gameplay Update Deploys

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Gloria Victis team has sent word that the latest update has been applied to the game that brings a number of overhauled mechanics on board as well as some new mechanics as well.

Players can look for a new feature with the ability to fortify buildings with walls, towers, gates. These fortifications can also be upgraded over time to increase a town's or castle's defensive capability.

For players, kicks and feints have been added to combat, both of which can break an enemy's attack. Not to give an unfair advantage to players, NPC-enemies also have the same abilities.

Lastly, the team gave a bit of news about the next patch:

At the moment we are doing the very last polishes before releasing the another massive update – a total overhaul of the inventory and guilds systems. Within the next few days we will start the final tests of those systems; meanwhile we have started working on the survival aspects! When the basics are done, we will be able to implement hunger, alchemy, toxicity and dynamic weather’s influence on the characters – it will greatly increase the immersion, which is crucial in Gloria Victis. This feature is expected to come within the next few weeks!

Read the full changelog on the Gloria Victis site.


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