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Aliens: Fireteam Shows Off 25 Minutes Of Missions Gameplay

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Cold Iron Studios' Aliens: Fireteam was announced earlier this week, and you can get your first look at the title in action thanks to a 25 minute gameplay walkthrough over on IGN.

The survival shooter by Cold Iron Studios is set in the Aliens universe and will see teams of three players nervously going through the corridors of abandoned ships and facilities, trying to handle the Xenomorph threat itself. The gameplay is a 3-person, third person survival shooter that pits colonial marines against over 20 differenty alient types, from the iconic Xenomorph to new creatures like the acid-exploding burster. 

IGN's Ryan McCaffrey played through one of the survival games missions with developers from Cold Iron Studios, CEO Craig Zinkievich and CCO Matt Highison. The three choose classes from a pool of five different choices, such as the Demolisher which get to use heavy weapons like grenade launchers and a smart gun that seemingly helps with aim to just mow down enemies in front of them. Each class which comes with their own unique set of skills and perks. You can also choose Gunner, Technician, Doc and Recon in addition to the Demolisher.

Check out the gameplay in the embed below. Aliens: Fireteam is slated to launch this summer on PC, PlaysStation 4 and 5, and the Xbox One and Series consoles.


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