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Aliens & Mechs are Part of the Wild West Online Rebrand 'New Frontier'

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Wild West Online has kept its old timey roots but has added dinosaurs, alien technology and steampunk walking robots as part of its rebranded game "New Frontier". While many of the original components (survival open world sandbox game centered on building and crafting) remain, "magical storms" have torn open holes in the space - time continuum to bring "creatures from another dimension". The cover photo for the "new" game includes alien tech and a gigantic mech. We're flabbergasted too.

New Frontier early access will begin this week. Those who "have been active in Wild West Online" will receive invitations first.

  1. New Frontier is more of the survival/building game. Ie if you like Rust - you'll probably like New Frontier. If you like to play Red Dead Redemption - you most likely will not like New Frontier. Okay yes, Rust and Minecraft .
  2. New Frontier is not a authentic wild west game. We have alien monsters, we have steampunk walking robots and radio comm stations around the world. 
  3. If you have Wild West Online account, you can keep using it to play New Frontier. All of your TN balances are intact, all your unlocked cosmetic items are there too. And on top of that we gave you some bonus items - extra Land Deeds, extra TN, and bags to open with gear and stuff. 
  4. Even though game is in early access, there'll be no account wipes. So all your gear, achievements, progress, purchases will survive thru early access and release of the game. 
  5. Game will stay in early access phase as long as needed. We're not looking to gather huge audience, so we'll keep working on a game even if we'll have small but loyal following. 
  6. We plan on releasing new content very often - as often as once per week and we have plans in progress for next 24 weeks. 

The announcement of the rebranding effort comes after long months without any contact from the WWO team after the launch of the Magnificent 5 battle royale game last year -- which, incidentally, is still live from what we can tell.

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