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Albion's Latest Patch Brings Improvements To Hellgate Gameplay, Including Making Them More Accessible

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Albion Online's recently released hellgates as part of last month's Call to Arms update has been a source of some ire for some in the community. Sandbox Interactive has taken the feedback from players surrounding the feature and with today's patch is addressing some of the issues, including accessibility of the feature.

In today's patch, Albion Online is seeing tweaks to hellgates, improving on many of the issues the team heard from players since its launch late March. The patch notes as well as accompanying blog post on the Albion website go into detail about what this means, including seeing better matchmaking, as well as reducing many of the barriers of entry, ensuring that the content is more accessible to players "without breaking [player's] banks."

The patch also tweaks rewards for the hellgate content, with base loot being increased for the majority of cases across all hellgates.

"Finally, we’ve reviewed the rewards for Hellgates and made some significant changes to provide even more incentive to explore the depths of Hell. The base loot has been tweaked slightly resulting in minor changes across all hellgates. In very few outlying cases the base loot was slightly reduced, but in the vast majority of these cases, the base loot was increased."

As such, Albion's developers say this should result in a "significant increase" for rewards for all hellgates, especially the 10v10 hellgates. The team has also tweaked the PvE component of the hellgates meaning that non-player enemies make up a significantly less part in the experience, placing the emphasis more on the PvP aspect of hellgates.

Hellgates weren't the only thing to be tweaked in this week's patch, as Faction Warfare, Guild and party chat, and the regular combat balance changes you can expect from a patch still occured. You can check out the full patch notes on the Albion website for further details.


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