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Albion Season 7 Underway, Features New Challenges, Castle Outposts, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Season 7 kicked off Saturday and brings with it new challenges, castle outposts, and more.

New features in Season 7 include:

  • Guild Challenges: guild members can now earn Challenge Points by gathering, killing creatures, fishing, and farming, which will provide Season Points to their guild
  • Castle Outposts: these smaller versions of castles can be claimed by guilds for season points
  • The number of Crystal Realm Tower Levels has been increased from 3 to 7 to improve matchmaking
  • GvG attack times have been consolidated to make it harder for one team member to fight multiple GvGs in a day, and mercenaries are disabled for non-crystal GvGs
  • Guild Season Rank brackets have been updated

For a full list of what’s new in Season 7 check out the full patch notes here, or this forum post. For a quick summary, check out the Season 7 video below.


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