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Albion Online's Surge Season is Coming to Challenge Everyone

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Before Albion Online Season 14 launches, there will be a special months-long event called Energy Surge Season with several months of events and battles to come. The events will also be consequential for season 14, including Hideout HQ declaration rights, so there's going to be much at stake.

The Surge Season will last from September 25-November 8th and events will get increasingly competitive, with bonuses quadrupled by the final week. September 25th marks the season opener, with territories reset and the first Invasion Day. Join in for a fresh start because judging by the events and bonuses, things are going to ramp up fast. September 26th starts scoring and the next day, territory battles will begin. 

October 9th will be Invasion Day #2, which will also start the doubling of points. Territories, castles, energy, outposts, and more. Territory claims will end and everything is back up for grabs. October 23rd, everything once again clears and all of those points will be tripled. On October 30th, there will be no new invasions, so territories will lock to whoever owns them, but points will quadruple. Not only will it be important to gain territory before this, those points just might tip some victories and advantages when the next season begins.

There are also some other changes for Surge Season, including castle outpost doors being removed for easier conquest. Hideouts will also need a channel to enter for any players who don't have that Hideout marked as home. Allied Hideouts are possible but safety is deliberately reduced for greater conquest and greater strategy. Just some of the added peril and some goals to protect what's yours as the surge lives up to its name during these events.Mysterious new artifacts will also drop, and these will be usable for crafting later.

These events look to be jam packed with increasing challenges to occupy players through the early November end. Season 14 will come after this, but what that will look like is about to be determined.

For the Albion Online Surge Season schedule and details on both bonuses and challenges for Surge Season, check out the full notes here


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