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Albion Online's Rites of Spring Event Underway

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Rites of Spring event is underway in Albion Online giving you the chance at earning some event rewards by hunting down eggs.

When you log in, you may notice several new decorations dotting the cities throughout the world. This means eggs are now plentiful. You’ll have to hunt these down and crack them open. Doing so will let you gather Surprise Eggs. These can be traded in at the Vanity Merchant. Alternatively, you can break these Surprise Eggs for more…surprises.

However, if you spend them in at the Vanity Merchant, you can purchase some event-specific rewards like wearable "Bunny Stalker" Armor, Hats, and Backpacks. You can also buy the Golden Egg Chests furniture item, in addition to chocolate bars which will give a boost to your energy regen.

Furthermore, you can trade in your eggs for the Eggsecutioner which is described as a two-handed weapon skin. This actually fires off three different eggs. Alternatively, you can grab this skin from the Appearance menu for gold, if you wish. If you happen to still have Fool’s Golden Eggs from previous events, you can spend them at the Vanity Merchant.

A recent patch update for Call to Arms went out as well bringing a new horse skin called Hell Mare. Additionally, the Guild Season Winner Statue was added. You can take a look at this statue at the Conqueror’s Hall entrance. Changes were introduced to Faction Warfare as well, drastically increasing the points available for individual contenders. You can check out the patch overview here.


Poorna Shankar