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Albion Online's Rise of Avalon Patch 11 Brings Combat Balance Changes and More

Plus economic changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Rise of Avalon Patch 11 is here for Albion Online bringing new vanity skins, combat balance changes, and more.

The combat balance changes affect axes, frost staves, and quarterstaffs including:


  • Morgana Raven (Carrioncaller):
    • Healing Reduction: 40% → 30%

Frost Staffs

  • Frozen Crystal (Chillhowl):
    • Cast Range: 15m → 12m


  • Separator (Quarterstaff):
    • Root Duration: 3s → 2.5s
    • Mobs in a 6m radius around the main target are now knocked in the air for 0.9s
    • Using against mobs no longer puts you at the top of their aggro list

Several economic changes are included as well touching on hardcore expeditions, satchels of insight, and group randomized dungeons. For example, in the latter, sliver and loot rewards have seen an increase of 10%. This applies to both mobs and chests.

The patch brings a bunch of changes as well including:

  • Fixed an issue where players teleported by the Smart Cluster Queue became invulnerable and invisible while still being able to attack
  • "Sell Order Completed" mails from the Black Market now always clearly state that they originated from the Black Market (previously would sometimes say "Caerleon Marketplace")


Poorna Shankar