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Albion Online's Queen Update Goes Live January 20

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Online’s Queen update is set to go live on January 20.

An official update posted on the site provides additional details. Queen is set to bring in a complete rework of Outlands. The update will also bring Hideouts which should allow guilds to build underground bases. These hideouts will require upkeep and protection after construction.

Additionally, a new faction, Avalonians, will be introduced. You can fight these Avalonians in new Elite Randomized Dungeons found in the outlands,

“These elite enemies are the most powerful foes thus far in the world of Albion, and can be challenged in Elite Randomized Dungeons, which will spawn in all T6-T8 Outlands zones and offer a high-level challenge to groups of 15-20 players.”

Additionally, new wardrobe skins, enchanted stone, a slew of quality of life updates are set to hit as well, such as new cursors, player inspect hotkeys, streamlined and updated maps, and much, much more.

Learn more here.


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