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Albion Online's PvP Fame is Getting Adjusted

Removing all PvP Fame earned during bug

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like PVP Fame in Albion Online is set to be adjusted following a recent hotfix.

This previous hotfix for Rise of Avalon tweaked a couple of things including,

  • Fixed an issue where full PvP Fame was given to each member of a party involved in a kill
  • Fixed an issue where dead characters were sometimes still included in matchmaking for Corrupted Dungeons

It looks like this may have had a knock-on effect. Now, in order to make sure that the integrity of statistics in PvP remains so, the team states that they’re going to remove all PvP Fame which was earned during the time the bug was in the game. The only timeline we have for when this rollback will happen is “sometime next week.”

Some people are notably upset by this news as remarked in the thread,

“So we are losing ALL of the pvp fame??? That kinda of sucks. We killed a lot of people during that time. Regardless of the bug. Would there be a way to like receive 10% of the fame?”

Others still are totally understanding,

“This is a welcome fix. Don't pay attention to the igorant people above. This solves the problem, while at the same time prevents a full rollback of the servers. Nobody should be mad over this.”


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