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Albion Online's Patch 13 Is Live, Bringing Combat Balance Changes And Use-All Button

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Patch 13 of Albion Online, also known as the Rise of Avalon Balance Patch has hit the MMO, bringing with it changes to combat balance, mobs and some much-anticipated quality-of-life improvements.

Firstly, Avalonian Mobs have been updated, "improving the overall experience of Elite Dungeons," according to the patch notes. As such, players should experience what the devs are propping up as a "more streamlined combat experience" when facing Avalonians. This doesn't come at the expense of the challenge, either according to the developers.

Additionally, Albion Online's Patch 13 brings with it the Use-All Button, something that the community has been requesting for quite some time. The developers call it the "most requested feature of all time." They even released a trailer celebrating the feature, which you can check out below. 

"Free yourself from the tyranny of endless clicking, and use all your Silver Bags and Tomes with a single button click. Patch 13 introduces the Use All Button, perhaps Albion's most-requested feature of all time."

The Rise of Avalon Balance Patch also brings some changes to the meta, such as changes to weapons and armor. The goal, as stated by the team, is to address "the meta in small-scale PvP and Corrupted Dungeons." 

For those jumping back into Albion Online to check out the changes brought by Patch 13, you might also want to take part in the Carnival Challenge, which just came back to the medieval fantasy-themed MMORPG this month.


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