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Albion Online's Offseason Crystal Tournament Begins Saturday

Ahead of Season 10 on August 29

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Offseason Crystal Tournament for Albion Online is set to begin this Saturday.

As reported previously, this offseason tournament is meant to bridge a short gap ahead of the August 29 start to the Guild Season 10. This weekend, the top 5v5 teams will face off in brackets featuring six teams who had previously won a Level 9 match which took place in the final found of Season 9.

The team published times, but notes that these times are approximate. Additionally, rounds 1-6 will include a soft Item Power cap of 1500. Any level above 1500 will be therefore reduced by 80%. Round 7 will increase this cap to 1700, with any level above 1700 reduced by 80%.

You can read the full rules, schedules, and rewards on the official forum post. If you’re interested in watching this tournament this weekend, you can do on AlbionTV on Saturday at 5p UTC.


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