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Albion Online's Off Season Crystal Tournament Starts August 22

Short weekend tournament

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ahead of the August 29 Guild Season 10 launch for Albion Online, the Off Season Crystal Tournament is set to begin on August 22.

The tournament will run during that weekend running August 22-23. You’ll have to use the same team you used to play the Level 9 match from August 9 (yesterday). Additionally, each team will have to assign a captain. The names of your participants in addition to one permanent substitute will need to be submitted.

Additionally, these battles will feature full loot. You’ll have to bring your own gear. To initiate a match, you’ll have to do so through the Energy Manipulator in Martlock. Matches will be shorter than usual, with Avalonian Weapons will be disallowed.

As for prizes, here’s what’s in store:

  • First Place: Each player on the winning team will receive the extremely rare Sabertooth Rex Swiftclaw skin unlock item and 10,000 Gold
  • Second Place: Each player will receive the White Tiger skin unlock item along with 5,000 Gold
  • Third Place: Each player will receive 5,000 Gold


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