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Albion Online's Mobile Version Goes Live Worldwide On June 9th

On both Google Play And Apple App Stores

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Albion Online's mobile version is releasing worldwide on June 9th, coming to both Google Play and the Apple App Store. The date was revealed in a recent Dev Talk, which also shows a closer glimpse at the mobile version.

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG known for its player-driven economy and classless design. The MMO itself offers a full range of PvP and PvE activities and is free to play. The mobile version ties right into the same PC server, though without a scaled down version of the PC UI. Instead, the developers behind the MMO have created a bespoke mobile version specifically for those on the go. 

Albion Online's mobile versions will see cross play and progression as well with the PC counterpart, allowing players to pick up where they left off when leaving their PCs. 

"We want you to be able to play the full PC experience wherever you are and whatever device you have. For this purpose, from the very beginning Albion Online was designed as a cross-platform game playable on PC, Mac, Linux, but also on iOS and Android mobile devices," game director Robin Henkys states in the most recent Dev Talk video. 

Henkys goes on to state that while the game is being launched next week on mobile, the task to optimize isn't done, as it will constantly be evolving to eke out the best performance on the limited hardware of moble devices. However, the team is eager to get players into the MMO on their phones, especially as Henkys states that the vision is "uncompromised" even with the mobile version.

"We never compromised when it came to the depth of features and mechanics, so we had to an in many cases still have to find ways of making these complex features accessible with the limited space on a phone screen."

To get players into it at launch, Albion Online is offerring mobile players a unique mount skin and tomes  worht 100K Fame, simply for logging into both the mobile and desktop version after launch.

"To celebrate the launch, all players will be eligible for a cross-platform reward once the mobile version is officially released. This reward consists of the new Chimera Riding Horse Skin and Tomes of Insight worth 100,000 Fame, and will be awarded to all players who log into both the desktop and mobile version of the game after the launch on June 9."

You can check out the full launch details on the official website. 


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