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Albion Online's Knight Challenge is Back

Runs through June

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Albion Online’s Knight Challenge returns to the game for the full month of June.

The challenge will see the return of the Giant Horse, described as a “noble mount with a combination speed boost / immunity spell that leaves foes in the dust.” During the event, you’ll be able to take part in various open world activities, in addition to unlocking chests for loot, and more.

If you earn enough Challenge Points during the event, you’ll be able to unlock the Knight Challenge Avatar Ring. Keep in mind, this ring is non-tradeable and unlocks for one character only. Additionally, season specials will be running during the event. You’ll be able to unlock chests which can contain Adventurer’s tomes and silver, in addition to furniture. This furniture includes Stone Throne, Round Table, Knight Statue, and the Regal Carpet.

You can also earn points by various open world activities like fishing, killing monsters, and farming. Points earned here will be counted towards your daily bonus, in addition to a weekly chest. You can read the full details of this update here.


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