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Albion Online's Into the Fray Update Launches on June 8th

Staff users, prepare for overhauls

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Albion Online will get its next major update on June 8th. Into The Fray will rework magic staffs, improve castles and castle outposts,  add new Crystal League and Arena modes,  and add Portal Towns add daily events. The goal of the update is to both make improvements but also make the game more accessible to different kinds of players to explore and compete.

The magic staff rework is a feature that the devs have talked about already, but overall it covers everything from visual, animation, gameplay, all the way up to reworked spells and even new ones. During this update  four types—Fire, Holy, Nature, and Cursed—will get the initial overhauls. Arcane and Frost will follow later. 

Castles and Castle Outposts get reworked layouts and graphics to make them more immersive. For guilds, this means new  challenges but also less predictability. This should keep things competitive.

In the Outlands, there will now be Portal Towns, which will give bank and marketplace access without having to be in a city. Tied to this new way to access items is the introduction of Daily Events, which will open up opportunities to earn different bonuses on activities. Designed to cover a variety of activity types, they’re also intended to not just offer reward, but to add layers to the economy and get players to try different things. 

In another related change, resources will get a graphical overhaul that will make them easier to distinguish in their environment, with better distinction between tiers. More resources, and better resources, could be within reach.

Combat and competition get some additions with the new Crystal Arena, a ranked system with better rewards as you progress. There’s also the Non-Lethal Crystal League, which will let you learn the ropes of PvP (and serve those who prefer lower stakes PvP) by being able to participate with fewer costs.

There are also some quality of life changes coming in the update, with additions like training dummies for practice (maybe for your new staff spells), an activities UI for ongoing events, Lost Equipment Loadouts for post-death gearing and a Journey Back feature to cut travel times. The update will also introduce Twitch Drops.

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