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Albion Online's Harvest Challenge Is Back Along With Its Spectral Bat Mount

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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'Tis the season - Albion Online's Harvest Challenge is back and with it comes new and returning rewards for players who complete challenges throughout the event.

The Harvest Challenge gives players in Albion Online the chance to earn rewards such as the Spectral Bat mount, a new avatar border and seasonal specials like pumpkin heads and skeleton costumes. Players can earn challenge points by performing tasks such as fishing, gathering, farming and of course, killing monsters. 

The marquee reward for the Harvest Challenge is the Spectral Bat, a luminescent bat mount players can earn within the event. With the Spectral Bat, players get the Blink ability giving the them the ability to blink to a target location.

This month's Challenge offers all players another chance to claim the amazing Spectral Bat. In addition to its spooky spectral looks, this winged menace comes with a powerful Blink spell that allows you to jump to a target location in the blink of an eye. (Note: like all mounts, the Spectral Bat cannot fly over obstacles or gaps.)

The Harvest Challenge runs through the entire month of October, giving Albion Online players a full 31 days to earn all the rewards for the challenge. You can check out the full details on the Albion Online website.


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