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Albion Online's Forum Database was Breached, Change Your Password

The team has closed the vulnerability

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You should change your password for Albion Online’s forums following a recent database breach. Here are the details.

The information was provided recently citing the breach where the intruder in question accessed user profile data. This includes email addresses in addition to encrypted passwords. However, these passwords cannot be used to access Albion Online or forums. All that said, the team still states there is a chance that these intruders can identify accounts with weak passwords.

To that end, you should change your password as a safety measure. To do that, go here. Fortunately, the team appear to have closed off the vulnerability in their database, while they continue checking their tech. A full retrospective review is also in the works to understand why this happened in an effort to hopefully prevent this from happening again.

You can read the full post discussing the breach here. Additionally, if you have any extra questions surrounding the vulnerability, you can visit the dedicated thread here and post your inquiries.


Poorna Shankar