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Albion Online's Energy Surge Season Begins September 25

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Energy Surge Season begins September 25 for Albion Online. Here's the schedule if you're looking to take part.

Energy Surge will be the next Guild Season when it kicks off on September 25. You can look forward to new rewards and more over the course of six weeks. If you missed it, HQ Hideouts were discussed on the previous dev talk. These hideouts will be the new place for guilds which will remain invulnerable to attack. You can check out our coverage here.

The ability to claim these hideouts will be based on total season points earned during this upcoming Energy Surge season. The points break down as follows:

  • Quality 6 zones (inner circle of Outlands): 200,000 Season Points
  • Q5 zones: 120,000 Season Points
  • Q4 zones: 80,000 Season Points
  • Q3 zones: 40,000 Season Points
  • Q2 zones: 20,000 Season Points
  • Q1 zones (outer ring of Outlands + all Roads of Avalon zones): 10,000 Season Points

As ever, rewards will be handed out for those earning the highest points throughout the season. These rewards include the Tower Chariot battle mount if your guild reaches Silver Rank or higher. You can also earn Crystal, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Energy Surge Season avatars if you achieve a Bronze rank or higher.

You can check out the full list of rewards, plus what all is new for Albion Online in the Energy Season here.


Poorna Shankar