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Albion Online's Call to Arms Update Releases March 17th

Steven Weber Posted:
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In Albion Online’s Call to Arms update, players will need to prepare themselves for a complete rework of Faction Warfare. A new playable faction, new mounts and more has also been added.

The Call to Arms update will introduce Caerleon as a fully playable sixth faction, built around “lawlessness”. A quick breakdown of what will be added March 17th is below, or you can check out the official update announcement:

  • A revamped Faction Warfare System including Faction Ranks, Campaigns and More
  • A Sixth Playable Faction: Caerleon
  • Elite Faction Mounts
  • Caerleon has been updated and expanded
  • A new Bandit Assault event has been added
  • Hellgates have been reworked and a Hellgate Infamy system has been added
  • Hellgates now have a 10 vs 10 option
  • Loadouts have been added to quick-swap equipment
  • There have been numerous Combat Balance changes

This has been just a short list of the many changes Albion Online gamers can look forward to in the next update. Albion Online has also been hard at work banning third party currency traders, in an effort to make the game better for everyone involved.


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