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Albion Online's Allhallows Event is Back for 2020

Allhallows for Allplayers

Steven Weber Posted:
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Albion Online has their annual Allhallows event going on in game, beckoning players to join in on some Halloween themed content, with some scary good rewards. The event will run until November 4th.

During the entirety of the event, players will automatically receive an extra 25% fame for all activities, with the exclusion of PvP kills and Tomes of Insight. In addition to the boost in fame, the Hallowed Ground dungeon is back, and will appear at random throughout all T4 through T8 zones, just look for the pumpkin-themed portals.

Some changes have been made from the previous Hallowed Ground dungeon, as now, you can do the dungeon solo as well as in a party. Will you have what it takes to defeat the Bob, the boss of the spooky encounter. If it’s been a while since you’ve hopped into Albion Online take a look at what the team has been up to with some recent update notes, and an explanation of the manual cluster queue priority system.


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