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Albion Online Yuletide Returns, With the Snow Husky Mount, Avatar Ring, and Festive Rewards

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 It’s December, and that means events and challenges across many an MMORPG. This time, Albion Online is marking this month with the winter return of the Yuletide Challenge. Collect points for some rewards and loot to celebrate.

With the recently launched Lands Awakened update, the open world is even more important in Albion Online. The Yuletide challenge returns and you'll be able to get points for participating in open world activities. Earn them through hunting, fishing, killing monsters, gathering, and more. When you meet point goals, you can use those achievements to unlock some chests and earn rewards. One of the returning rewards this season is the Snow Husky mount. The large and faithful canine companion  will help you to get around during the rough terrain of winter with a strong base move speed, and Hunting Instinct, a spell that gives you a speed burst.

One of the other things you can claim for hitting December’s point goal is the monthly avatar ring. If you reach this month’s goal, the festive among you will unlock the Yuletide challenge ring. If you unlock that you'll get a Yuletide look for your avatar. If you’re more of a bah humbug type and don't want the wintery holiday look, you can always trade in unclaimed Adventurer’s Challenge rings for Adventurer’s tokens so you can get something more suitable.

Yuletide challenge chests will grant you a mix of holiday prizes and some more practically useful goodies. These might include silver, tomes of insight, and resources. On the wintery celebration side, these chests might also give you presents, decorated trees, a wreath, a candy boot, and more. 

Challenge points count towards your daily bonuses too, so your regular treks through the lands, wintery or not, should help get you up into the total range with dedicated playtime.

For more, see the event announcement on Albion Online.


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