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Albion Online Wraps Up Its Year With A Look Back On 2022

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Albion Online has had a busy year, and the team took a look back at the major milestones it hit during 2022 in a recent post on its blog.

The post starts off by talking about the foundations laid in 2021 with the Lands Awakened update, specifically how the Guild Seasons helped streamline the new Conqueror's Challenge as a way for guilds to earn rewards. 2022 also saw the release of the Steam Deck, and by extension, Albion Online on the Deck. Thanks to its new controller support, the MMO was even more playable on the go thanks to the Steam Deck, bringing the MMO to a whole new segment of the Steam audience. 

2022 was also the fifth year anniversary of Albion Online, which the developers celebrated by offering more insight into the development process, the world of Albion, and more. Also something there was the mystery of missing statues to celebrate 5 years. 2022 also saw the major Beyond the Veil update go live, with the Mists realm, the lost city of Brecillien, and much more to the MMO.

You can check out the full look back on Albion Online on the MMO's blog. What were some of your favorite memories from Albion this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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