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Albion Online Winds Down Season 14, With Season 15 Coming March 5th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Albion Online is winding down season 14 and has set a date for the Crystal League Championship before season 15 begins on March 5th. Season 15 will bring a series of  changes with additions like increased Might and Favor, faster leveling, a new map, and more.

Season 14 will see the Crystal League Championship take place on February 26th and 27th. As usual, the top eight teams will be able to participate for prizes including a Sabertooth Rex Swiftclaw skin. All participating teams need to sign up by tomorrow, February 22nd and there will be live streaming of all competition.

All this will lead into the beginning of season 15 on March 5th with more Might and Favor up for grabs in various categories that will encourage more exploration and taking on riskier activities. Of course more risk, more reward according to the new system. If you go gathering or fishing in the Outlands and the Roads of Avalon you will get an additional 30% Might and Favor. If you engage in PVE in the Outlands and the Roads of Avalon, there will be an additional 25%. If you go and win in corrupted dungeons will get an extra 20% boost. They have also lowered the  threshold for early Might levels for a variety of activities. This will let players get started more easily but ramp up faster with higher levels.  Making these changes should help keep competition  strong but also make early time a little easier and faster.

Season 15 will also feature an updated map based on the Steppe Territory map. The new map is designed to make it more difficult for a single team to hold three orbs. This should let strategic teams come through and have more of a chance to come back. They are also normalizing respawn timers so that they are balanced throughout the match. Early kills will still have an impact on the match but late game won't be so punishing that the timer is your worst enemy. The reward system has also been updated and there will be new rewards and more silver and Fame at almost all levels.

For season 5 details, head over to Albion Online.


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