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Albion Online Will Overhaul Roads of Avalon and Add the Mists, Solo Content With New Creatures and Exclusives

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest developer talk for Albion Online covers the upcoming newly-announced development update, which includes major changes to the Roads of Avalon, The Mists, a new feature that will be a brand new environment with its own content, and more.

Development has been dynamic over time, with new content and new ways to play the game as well as encouraging exploration, expanding the world and its possibilities. Game Director Robin Henkys talks about the major new features in the latest dev update.

The Roads rework will change the area to focus on small group gameplay. You'll be able to establish your Hideout there, but at the cost of being a lot harder to control a Hideout region if you do High-value zones will be more difficult to control so exploring the Roads is designed to be competitive and feature turnover. Group gameplay is the focus and they plan to include enemies that will upgrade over time. You can't get too comfortable with other groups ready to pounce and the enemy is getting harder over time. The Roads will also get a visual update along with the new focus.

Also coming is a new area called The Mists. You'll be able to access the Mists via what they are calling “unpredictable and temporary connections”. There will be multiple entrances per region of the Mists, but any entrance will only let in a single player, then close. The Mists is designed as a solo PvE and PvP experience. There will be multiple entrances letting in one player, so you most likely won’t be alone in there. Inside, you will find brand new creatures  that drop new artifacts that you can use to create all new items exclusive to this area. 

There's also a city in The Mists without a fixed location, and it will be the hub for trade and travel,  if you can find it and then if it will let you enter.

For more on the new content, head to Albion Online.


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