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Albion Online Wants You to Get Out and Explore, So the Guild Seasons are Changing

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In the latest dev for Albion Online, the game’s director discusses the changes planned for Guild seasons with the Lands Awakened update that will be released on November 24th.

Since the Sandbox team really wants to emphasize open world exploration, seasons will change to reflect these goals. Guild Seasons will go from being centered around passive territory control to centered around player activity. 

The guild season reward system is being replaced by something called the Conqueror’s Challenge, which will run throughout the season. This will be available to all premium players. A new type of points called Might is up for grabs by participating in activities that might get you into PVP. Doing stuff like gathering in the Outlands, killing mobs, opening treasure chests, winning Corrupted dungeon matches, capturing one of the new energy crystals, and more. If you earn Might, you can unlock rewards including mounts and seasonal avatars. Earning Might usually also grants you Favor, another currency that you can use to buy Siphoned Energy and reward chests. So this will have an effect on the economy as well.

Guilds themselves will earn season points for each Might level that they complete. This new feature opens new goals for everyone to work towards, leading to bonuses for all the members when they’re unlocked.

About those energy crystals? Energy vortices will spawn randomly in the outlands, and if you were in the area within a few regions away, you’ll see them on the map. After a time, they’ll drop a territory energy crystal, and if you’re fast enough and the competition isn’t too difficult, you can pick them up and carry them to your territory. If you can get those to your territory they will boost the energy. Over time this energy does diminish so it’s an incentive to keep going out and getting more crystals. 

For the full rundown of the changes coming, see the post on the Albion Online site.


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