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Albion Online Updates Might & Favor, Increases Reward for Randomized Dungeons, and Sets Up Season 15

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Albion Online is preparing to start season 15 with a new update that tweaks Might and Favor, makes changes to dungeons, balances combat, and makes a few quality of life adjustments. There’s a new Crystal League map,  some updates for competition, and the beginning of controller support testing too.

This latest round of changes to Might and Favor represent an ongoing response to balance that began after these two systems were added for the changes that were to come with Lands Awakened. Might and Favor gain from certain activities has been boosted from 5%-31% based on data. The new numbers should also work with a series of adjustments to Might challenges, which are intended to make Might progression easier with the increases for activities that players can do throughout the day. Some of the increases include earning 5% more by defeating Crystal Spiders or 31% more from gathering and fishing.

Dungeons are also getting some love in this update, following the previous changes made to static dungeons with Lands Awakened. Those changes upped the rewards and increased mobs for you to take on, and randomized dungeons are getting some similar changes. With this update, randomized dungeons of all tiers and zone types are getting random upgrades that boost mobs and rewards. If the dungeon you’re approaching has this in effect, there will be a visual change to the entrance. Static dungeons also get another change to mobs this round to keep them balanced for groups to take on and make them harder to solo.

Some quality of life changes in this update include automatic silver pickup, which will let you grab the silver in most cases automatically, but you can turn this off in settings. there are improvements to party markers so that non-party players have their markers persist through zone changes. You'll also get a notice if you sell something on the marketplace for more than your original asking price. Treasure mobs will now remain on the mini-map until they are fully harvested.

There are also a series of combat balance changes and an adjustment to Hideouts that will increase the protection bubble range from 15m to 50m to help defenses.

Overall, this is a pretty packed update in terms of how it both continues balancing prior added features and continues adding and broadening the experience. You can read the full update notes at Albion Online.


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