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Albion Online Updates Crystal League Timing, Balances Combat, and Adds a Bunch of Helpful UI Changes

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 The latest update for Albion Online adjusts Crystal League battles timing, adds more prominent Dynamic events, makes several weapon balance changes, and fixes a series of issues.

This is the second patch since last month's Into The Fray update, and it’s concerned mostly with refining the experience since that huge update. Notably, the time slots for  Crystal League  battles are updated for both non-lethal 5v5 and 20v20. You'll also be able to purchase level 2 and 3 tokens for lethal and non-lethal League and use the old tokens once more. If you have leftover level 2and 3 tokens from other Seasons, you'll be able to salvage them for silver and trade level four and five tokens.

With the major changes to the Magic Staff line, there have been tweaks, including in this patch. Damage increases for both the Cursed Staff ability Grudge and Nature Staff’s Thorn ability are included, and another ability for each line gets sped up. Holy Explosion for the Holy Staff is now limited to affecting five allies as originally intended. Additional weapon lines get some balance changes of their own this time too.

Into The Fray added Dynamic Events, and this patch includes daily production bonuses that will now be included in the local production bonuses UI on zone maps. You’ll also see current active yield in character UI. There's also a new Gathering Bonus: Fishing daily event that will give +25% Fishing Fame and yield. Another balance change for resources include lowering the drop rate of Gathering tomes by 20% to avoid oversaturation of the market.

Overall, this update is one of balances and fixes, as well as adjustments based on data over the past month following Into The Fray. The number of UI fixes and changes include helpful additions like showing that castles are under attack on their world map icons and correctly updating a player role icon in a party UI if a player switches roles. 

Head over to Albion Online to read the full patch notes and all of the various fixes and balance changes in this update. 


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