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Albion Online Updates Before Energy Surge Season This Weekend

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Albion Online's Energy Surge Season begins this Saturday, September 25th, and the team has been preparing for the opening of this event and looking further down the line to the next big update ahead of the upcoming season. The new update has some minor changes as well as more quality of life type updates, along with some new items that will be important later.

The Energy Surge Season will take place as a six-week event this time, with the new structure comes accelerated pacing. Some of the more significant changes in this update affect Hideouts. Players that haven't set a particular Hideout as home require a separate channel, but leaving the safety of a Hideout into the open world no longer breaks your safety bubble. It’s a tradeoff. Castle outposts have also lost their doors, bringing down the security some so that smaller groups have a chance here. There are also fewer warnings when an outpost is being attacked, so there aren’t a ton of sisible messages being repeated. Guard There are also lower penalties for joining factions that otherwise have low recruitment rates, and red zone faction kills now have more value. 

The quality of life improvements include the option to display a guild and not the player name, and players in the same faction will appear as allies, making it easier to gauge how things are going and who is around quickly. Tomes and Mounts now get their own subcategories in the Marketplace. And if both players taking on a Corrupted Dungeon are knocked down, getting up will happen faster. 

New items added to Albion Online include new artifacts dropping from mobs and chests. These are setting up the future War Gloves weapon line, but they won't do anything just yet. It's a good idea to collect and save them for now though. 

For the full update at Albion Online, you can check out the full patch notes


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