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Albion Online Update Improves Matchmaking, a Better Rank Points Arena System, and Tweaks Journey Back Costs

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 It's a big week for Albion Online, with the anniversary events continuing and the third patch for Into the Fray since release last month. This update improves Arena and Crystal Arena,  improves training dummies, and makes several changes to the Journey Back feature’s pricing.

Into The Fray added content and made some major changes, so it's not entirely surprising the team has been working on gathering feedback and making some tweaks. Changes to the Arena and Crystal Arena in this week's update include improving the Rank Point calculations to better reflect player skill and get them into the numbers they deserve if they’re extra good or if they fall behind. Your earning rate will go up higher if you’re above the curve in your rank and you can lose points faster if you just can’t keep up. Matchmaking  has been improved and you’ll see match rewards at the end of both Arena and Crystal Arena matches.

Training Dummies now have an updated UI that shows more detailed info when being attacked or healed. This will show total damage or healing received and DPS/HPS numbers for you to get a fuller picture of how you’re doing. 

Journey Back gets a couple of changes to its cost based on community feedback. Now the ability will use the cheapest route by default, not the shortest, and it will use the average zone modifier of all the zones you would’ve needed to otherwise travel through to calculate cost. These changes will reduce the ability’s costs, so the team has balanced this with other adjustments like increasing the impact of the value of the items you carry and the impact of all zone types. 

The update also includes some spell fixes and more practical fixes, including some specific to the mobile version.

Read the full patch notes over at Albion Online.


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