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Albion Online Update Brings Fixes, Quicker Yellow Zone Logout, But No More Furniture in Boss Fights

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The Albion Online team has released a new update that brings some needed fixes, some combat balance tweaks to War Gloves, and a series of changes to yellow zone logout, mobs, and more.

This patch is more of a cleanup and adjustment one, without too many big changes, but the ones included are going to make their mark. Yellow zone logout countdowns have been sped up, from 60 seconds down to 10 seconds. This should make your exit much simpler and save time. Also in timing changes, the Resurrect spell now has a limited 10-second window where you have to either accept the rez or the spell gets canceled. Both of these changes should save time and help things just flow better.

Other changes affect battles, as Guardians and Aspects and Gate Cores in dungeons will pick a new target if the current one runs away. Mobs like Dryads, Ents, and Mistcougars will cancel most damage over time effects on death. These should help with faster resource gathering. The Mistcougar also gets an effect swap, with Stun replacing DoT in the Pounce spell. Finally, all of you that enjoyed using furniture in boss fights will have to find something new to use, since the ability to do that has been patched out:

“Added furniture blockers to boss areas in World Boss zones to prevent use of furniture in boss fights”

War Gloves, still being fairly new, continues getting tweaks. This time it’s to Gravitational Collapse (Spiked Gauntlets), which see damage reduced versus plate armor from 450 to 380. Create Opening for War Gloves also now decreases magic resistance in addition to physical resistance.

The rest of the update is concerned with fixes, like making sure that the correct tier of crystal spiders are spawning, the chain sound of the Demonic Slaver shuts off as expected, tooltips are accurate, and more. 

See the full notes over at Albion Online.


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