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Albion Online Unveils The Mists, a Major New Feature Coming in the Beyond the Veil Update

The mysterious Mists will have many layers.

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The newest Albion Online dev talk details more on the Beyond the Veil update announced last week, this time with the upcoming feature, the Mists.

The team revealed Beyond the Veil and laid out details on the Roads of Avalon rework, and the Mists will add depth and options. When the update goes live, you’ll be able to find Will o’Wisps around in the world and in the Roads of Avalon. If you’re able to approach one, it will flee but leave an open portal to the Mists. 

Those portals are key to the new feature, since they’ll only be open temporarily. There are two types. Most portals will let one player through, but some will allow two before they close. These two will be separate portal types, so that if you’re a solo player,  you won’t get duos in the Mists.

PvP will be a possibility if you are there with another. There are set to be both lethal and non-lethal areas in the Mists, and to keep things simple, the lethal Mists entrances will only be found in lethal areas in the world. You’ll be able to use your mounts if needed, and any combat within the Mists is separate and won’t affect your reputation.

So what else will you find in the Mists when you get there? There will be various mobs, like Heretic, Morgana, and undead. As with solo dungeons, the Mists will have some enchanted regions, where the enemies are harder, but the rewards also get better.

Since this is an entirely new space, the Albion Online team plans several creatures unique to the Mists, which you can also kill for hides. These Mists-only creatures are the Mistcrawler, Fey Dragon, and Griffin. 

Instead of just being an instance to enter, get some hides and loot, and get back to your regular adventuring, the Mists will rise, fall, and also start to consume regions. Any region, the team says, “will be consumed by the growing Mists at some point”. You can also follow those Wisps into different Mists regions. Those Wisps? Some of them might even need your help after their home has been entered by so many new people.

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