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Albion Online Unveils Into the Fray, its Next Major Content Update, With Major Overhauls

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With spring comes a brand new Albion Online devtalk and the announcement of the next major content update, Into the Fray. For those that have been paying attention to some of the previous mentions in the 2022 roadmap, some of the announcements won’t be entirely surprising, but Game Director Robin Henkys outlines everything in the new video.

The promised magic staff overhaul is coming. Fire, Holy, Nature, and Cursed Staffs are all getting overhauled. There will be new animations, audio, visual effects, and some new spells. This doesn’t mean that Arcane and Frost Staffs will be left out, but updates for those two will come a little later.

Castles are also getting overhauled, with a total update that will affect graphics, layout, battle flow, and more. Both castles and castle outposts are going to get new loot chests, which will be available throughout the day. This should encourage more action at various times, meaning better support for players to find challenges whenever they play. Of course, this might make others have to dust off their strategies and look for improvements to be made too.

Speaking of additional options for challenges, there will be daily events added to Albion Online. These dynamic events might see players engage with Hellgates or Corrupted Dungeons. Other short events intended to shake things up a bit are crafting bonuses that will add some market fluctuations and other dynamics to content with.

Into the Fray also brings changes to the Crystal Arena and Crystal League. There will be a new Arena mode with Crystal League match rules, a “non-lethal “ Crystal League option joining the current lethal version. What this means is it gives an opportunity to build skills and train up without having to worry about gear or losses. This should encourage more participation.

There are also intended travel improvements in the Outlands, making travel convenient and more accessible. Featured here are Portal Towns, which are safe for arrivals and a “Journey Back” option while mounted to save you a long walk back.

There are other planned improvements for things like party UI, better tooltips, and previously mentioned ones like the Roads of Avalon expansion and Guild Finder UI changes.

For more details, head over to Albion Online.


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