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Albion Online Team Warns Using Third Party GPS Tools is Bannable


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’ve been thinking about using a third party GPS tool for Albion Online’s Roads of Avalon, well, you might want to think twice.

As confirmed on their forums, the team has stated that the use of such tools is considered cheating,

“Sometimes cheat makers claim that their tools are allowed. Don't believe them. We want to make sure you are aware what additional tools you are allowed to use and which not. The following is most definitely not allowed”

They continue, sharing more explicit details on what exactly is disallowed,

“Anything that gives you a direct benefit in PvE, gathering, or PvP is not allowed. For example, this includes any type of auto-inspect tool or any type of radar tool that displays the in-game nametags on a separate minimap. It would also include any type of "auto-scouting" tool that generates a discord message if it spots a player or something like that.”

The team warns that use of these tools is a bannable offense. But you’re not using these tools, right?


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