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Albion Online Team Aware of Furniture Blocking Exploit

Use the /stuck command

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Sandbox Interactive have provided a statement stating that they’re aware of the exploit pertaining to Albion Online’s furniture blocking.

The exploit concerns the ability for players to trap other players in houses by careful placement of furniture at entrances and exits. The team writes,

“For players who find themselves trapped in the houses, please use the /stuck command by entering /stuck into the in-game chat. Some important things to note when using this command:

  • The current cast time is 10 minutes and during this time you will be unable to move and you cannot cancel the cast like a standard spell (so please be careful if using this command in PvP zones).
  • The current cooldown time is 24 hours (ie. you can only use it once a day).”

The team goes on to state that abusing this mechanic is considered an exploit as stated in clause 15.5.4 in their Terms and Conditions. The team requests that you report any observances of this exploit,

“If you see anyone abusing this mechanic from this post onwards, please file a report by writing to [email protected] and provide any evidence you might have (video confirmation of the exploit). If you are unable to use the /stuck command, you can also write to support for assistance.”

They conclude that they will be lowering the cast and cooldown times for this /stuck command in an upcoming patch.


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