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Albion Online Talks Outland Power Balance For Upcoming Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest developer update for Albion Online discusses Outland power balance, the next season, and more.

The update arrives from Game Director Eltharyon on the official forums. The update notes the team is planning to renew open world gameplay and will be able to share those updates soon. The update also points out community feedback, specifically power balance in the Outlands:

“The current strategic balance in the Outlands encourages large power blocks to form, and these power blocks in turn have an incentive to discourage conflict and raise a stable income by demanding rental payments from guilds under their protection. Enforcement of rental payments is possible due to the power blocks being extremely dominant in large scale fights on the one hand, and the difficulty of organising enough groups to fight against a power block at the same time on the other hand. The risk of losing one’s Hideout - and the hassle that this comes with - is simply too high for many of them.”

To address this, the team will introduce a new feature called Hideout HQs. This will ensure greater difficulty for more powerful blocks to enforce. The update also touches on additional features for the upcoming update including tweaking colors and graphics, new level layouts, visual upgrades for mobs, and more.

You can read the full update here. Back in July, Albion Online’s Corrupted Dungeons received a balance patch. Earlier this year, the game celebrated their fourth birthday with fireworks and more.


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