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Albion Online Talks 'Corrupted Dungeons' Feature Coming Rise of Avalon Update

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Albion Online team held a recent dev talk where they talked all about Corrupted Dungeons, a new feature coming in August as part of the Rise of Avalon update.

Corrupted Dungeons are described as single-player dungeons and is a direct response to those players who have been asking for more solo PvE and PvP content. To enter one, you’ll have to find a Corrupted Dungeon Entrance, which are said to spawn similarly to solo random dungeons, but look “more sinister.”

There will be three difficulty levels: Hunter, Stalker, Slayer. These difficulty levels scale the difficulty, but also the loot. Enter the dungeon and start slaying the monsters where you’ll be awarded Infamy points. Collect enough and the boss spawns.

PvP is handled via demonic shrines in every corrupted dungeon. You can use this to flag yourself for other PvP players. You’ll have to either fight this invading player, or you can choose to destroy demonic shards. Doing either of these banishes the invading player.

You can check out the full post here and watch the episode below:


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