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Albion Online Shows Off New Threats In Latest Report From the Outlands

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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New threats are coming to Albion Online in their latest Outlands Report.

The first, called the Avalonian Attack Drone, was described as a floating sphere powered by “strange magic.”

“It fired out some sort of concentrated energy, knocking me tail over top and sending me flying back into a thicket. Dazed, I lifted my head enough to see Jim raise his axe – and the thing charged at him, knocking him back as well. I gathered my wits, picked up my sword, and ran back into the clearing.”

The next is called an Avalonian Spearman. This guy is effectively an armored cape-donned hooded enemy wielding an absolutely massive spear. The accompanying report piece describes the encounter thusly,

“I lost count of how many of the great, pike-wielding giants I slew that day. As the sun set blood-red over the horizon, the last one fell, and the territory was ours. We live to fight another day, and set about putting our hard-won territory in order.”

Check out the full report from the Outlands here.


Poorna Shankar